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I have heard that some people die of a broken heart. Yet, it doesn’t have to be like that. We do not have to settle and be a victim of our circumstances. We have the power to change it. Our physical body is a mirror of what we are inwardly. In fact, all our circumstances are. When we see things going wrong, It is a signal that something inside our very being is not right.

God did not create us to suffer, not physically, emotionally, or mentally. Our suffering originates from our thinking, our beliefs. If you study Quantum physics you learn that the physical world is not physical at all. The desk I am sitting at which appears to be solid, is really not solid, because molecules do not connect. We physical beings, are really not physical at all, for the same reason, our molecules do not connect. Therefore, we are living in an illusion.

The truth is, we are beings of energy, from our minds to our bodies. Our bodies and circumstances reflect the state of our minds. Whatever our life circumstances are now, we have created it. I will give you a perfect example with a man who had a dream. He had a dream to be able to research natural health full time. He had a dream to help people full time. This was and still is his passion. When I first met this man, he was in a total mess. He did not know where his next meal was coming from and whether he would have a roof over his head the next day. Yet, he never let go of that dream. He obtained employement as a counselor for a boys’ facility and worked there for a time. In his spare time he never foresook the love of his life, researching natural health alternatives so people could have quality of life. He did not let go of that dream. One day as if by magic, a lifelong friend who owns a natural health business. asked if he would join him in his quest for helping people with natural supplements. He told him that he would be able to continue his research and help people live longer and happier. My friend realized his dream.

Where did my friend’s dream start? It was a thought. It was something he desired. The secret is, he never gave up. He held on to that dream and it manifested itself into his reality now. Quantum Physics, it’s as simple as that. All we need do is understand and harness it.

Have you heard the following two statements? “Thoughts are things.” “Watch out what you pray for.” In the scripture Jesus tells us,

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Mark 11:23-25

Prayer is not a “maybe” thing. This scripture does not say,

What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and then maybe ye shall have them.

Jesus inequivocally states “ye shall have them.”

We tend to complicate our lives so much, when life is really quite simple. Our churches will teach us that God is a parent and when we don’t receive an answer to our prayer it is because God will keep it from us for our own good. They say, God always answers prayer. Sometimes it is yes an sometimes it is no.

I submit this is false teaching and gives us the excuse to continue in our insecurity and misery. No, on the other hand, God made us in his image and likeness. Think about it. He made us with the same power of creation that he has.

When we were children, in total innocence we believed. Maybe I should say in the “wisest” innocence. We could do anything. We had the largest of dreams, the most magnificent of goals. And one day someone said, “You can’t do that.” and gave you every reason in the world why you couldn’t. They popped your bubble and you “believed” them.

We are all born with the need to be loved and accepted. This need if not used correctly will sabotage our lives. We must make sure that we don’t let this “need” turn into “insecurity.” Many times children will never realize their dreams because people will laugh and ridicule them. They will become different and isolated. Too often the child will give up their dream for the need to be loved and accepted. An adult will too.

All is not lost. We never really lose that dream, it is always in our grasp. All we have to do is “believe” we can do it. The truth is, we have control over our lives. We are the ones that make the decision.

If there is something that you don’t like in your life, you have the power to change it. No matter what it is. Visualize the circumstance you want. Get into it. Feel the emotion. This is the key: FEEL THE EMOTION. The emotion behind the thought is what will lead you to that future.

This can work with all aspects of life but, because of the subject, I will deal with “loneliness.”

However you got in this situation, you do not have to stay in it. Chances are you are here because you merely reacted to outside circumstances without taking control. You gave up on your dream with thoughts such as “It’s not possible.” If you think that something is impossible that is exactly what you will manifest. All that it takes to be happy is a mere shift in the way you think. “it is possible.” Every time you notice a negative thought, immediately replace it with a positive one.

You don’t have to “force” yourself to go out and become involved in situations that make you uncomfortable. Visualize what you want in life. Who would you like to be? What personality traits would you like to possess? Visualize yourself as that person. Act like that person. You will become that person. The key word is “believe.” What would you like to do in life? If you could do anything in the world, what would you do? Visualize, dream. feel the emotion and it will manifest itself. Thought will change circumstances. You will feel the impulses to want to do these things. Go out and do them.

One thing that we must realize. We are all born with the need to be loved and accepted. That means that we are all the same. Nobody is inferior to anybody else. That self assured positive person you see that has it altogether has that very same need. Once we realize this, it puts everything in a different perspective. There’s more of an “we are all equal” feeling and you look at people in a different light.

First step. Look at where you are now. Take personal responsibility for this, good or bad. If you start blaming people or circumstances, STOP. Remember, it all starts with a thought. We create our own reality.

The only exception to the rule are children. Unfortunately, they may be stuck in an abusive situation that they can do nothing about. However, it is not a lifelong sentence for them either. They too can break out of this bondage. It all starts with a prayer, it starts with a thought. And the rest will manifest.

Loneliness, A Death Sentence?

Loneliness, A Death Sentence?