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In modern commercial buildings, it is ideal that the installation be made during a re-roof or new flat roof installation to reduce the amount of roof elements that would need to be extracted. Ensure the performance of your roof is not hindered during the installation process by choosing a team of skylight technicians who have years or experience installing skylights, roof windows and roof hatchways.

Residential skylights can be installed at any stage of construction. Whether your new home is still in development or is completely finished, you can begin enjoying the benefits of a skylight.

Skylights are manufactured to work with certain types of roofs whether they are sloped or flat. Selecting the right type of skylight that is compatible for your roof is essential in gaining the full benefits of skylights.

The first step is deciding what type of skylight you want, taking into consideration the size, shape and design. Sun Tunnels and Dome Skylights require little to no keep up due to their unique shapes and engineering. The flange part of the chassis is made of polyurethane which does not require any maintenance. The glass coatings are easily-washable and areas that experience regular rainfall have the benefit of self cleaning skylight systems.

The second step is to choose the material. The most common types are acrylic, lexan and glass. Your material choice is dependent on what look you want to achieve, how much your financing allows and if there are any local building codes that will dictate the material allowed:

  • Acrylic is the most economical and most popular synthetic glazing on the market. It is available in tints, is UV resistant and is used in virtually all climates on single or double glazed applications.
  • Lexan is another synthetic glazing by General Electric which provides similar characteristics as acrylics with one added benefit- impact resistance against wind-borne debris. Due to its’ inherent strength, Lexan is more often used in hurricane and tornado climates.
  • Glass, which is laminated glass to be exact, is and has always been utilized for overhead glazing. Although not available for dome skylights, performance glass, monolithic and insulated, glass can be used with a variety of enhancements including Low-E coatings, reflective coatings, a variety of tints and inert gas fillings. Many applications may require a glass product which is both versatile and durable and is also used in hurricane or tornado climates.

The third step requires choosing the type of glazing you want:

  • Single glazing is available in acrylic, lexan and laminated glass.
  • Dual glazing is available in acrylic and lexan with the added benefit of an insulating air space that is mechanically sealed. Dual glazed skylights allow for greater thermal efficiency and better sound reduction from rain, hail and other external noise.
  • Insulated glass is available for glass skylights only with the air space between the glass plates in the skylight being hermetically sealed.

Make Your Days Brighter With Skylights

Make Your Days Brighter With Skylights