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Making a lean-to shed is easier than building a separate garden or backyard shed. A lean-to shed is perfect for those who don’t have a large garden or backyard but still require extra storage space. This kind of shed fits perfectly to your needs without taking much space, time and money. This is because you just have to attach three side walls to an already built foundation. You don’t have to be a professional to build this shed. Even an amateur can achieve great results by following some simple instructions and blueprints. Here are some easy steps to help you out.

First you need to build shed floor and for that you have to level the ground surface and place in several concrete blocks under the skids. Then you have to build the frame flooring that can be 2×4 inches or 2×6 inches. Cut the wood pieces carefully and attach them using three screws. Pre-drill the holes so that the rim joists don’t split.

The next step is to attach floor boards from plywood with the joists and then secure it using screws. You need to make sure that plywood pieces are flush with frame edges before you insert the 2 inches screws. Install the nails inside joists every 8 inches.

Now you have to build the back wall for the shed and secure it with the floor joists. Making a lean-to shed is simple and easy if you follow the right techniques. Drive pilot holes through the top and bottom plates before you install 3 inches studs and screws. Work on an even surface to achieve perfect results.

Now building the side walls is easy if you follow the same step carefully. Drive pilot holes to the wooden plates before installing screws and put in the studs every 16 inch O.C. make sure that both the side walls are of equal length and shape as it will give a sturdy and sophisticated look.

Leave enough space for a door on the front face of the shed. Secure some cripple studs, double-header and trimmer studs as this will make the frame sturdier. Once you are done with building the frames you should secure them carefully together. Place in front and back faces first and then install side walls to lock the frames together.

If you plan to attach the lean-to shed to one of the walls of your house then you should attach the exterior of three walls only. Then use 2 by 4 inches lumber to build wood-rafters and secure them into place with the help of 3 inch screws.

Use grooved or tongued plywood sheets for the roof and carefully mark the lines before cutting. Use a circular saw to cut the plywood sheets. Then align the sheets and install them into place from both the ends by driving in 1 ¼ inch nails through the wooden studs.

Continue attaching sheets to the rafters and then install the roofing felt to the roof starting from down below and taking to the topmost level. Place in the tar paper as this will prevent rain water from entering inside the shed. Attach the door and shelves to the shed and you are good to go.

Making A Lean To Shed – Facts You Must Know

Making A Lean To Shed - Facts You Must Know