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If you are a gardening enthusiast and wish for a little garden of your own, you can begin by making a potting shed. It can be used for storing gardening tools and other equipments. It also gives a beautiful touch to your garden itself.

Base and Corner Posts: Begin by setting the corner posts. Nail 4 lengths of lumber together according to the footprint of the shed. Using the corner of the footprint, mark the exact locations for the corner posts. Use a 3″ thick layer of crushed limestone as the base of the shed. In case you prefer cement then let it dry for at least 24 hours before any further work. This should ensure that the base is strong enough to support the shed.

Posts: Anchor the shed using 6 posts, 4 for the corners and 2 for the overhang. Keep the height of the shed walls around 8 feet. Add the additional lengths according to the depth of the holes to the posts. Make sure that the holes are twice the width of the poles to be erected. Also, sink the poles well below the frost line to prevent damage due to moisture in cold weather.

Walls: Make the stud walls by using treated lumber of 2 x 4″ dimension on 16″ centers. Leave rough openings for the door and three windows in the frame. Attach the walls to the posts and keep it at level with the base. Fill the space under the bottom of the wall with limestone and use T-111 siding for covering the shed.

Windows: For cheaper and attractive windows, use aluminum clad, double-hung windows. Three windows of this sort will let in sufficient light to help you work inside without the need of artificial light and will also ensure healthy cross-ventilation.

Roof Rafters: For supporting the roof rafters, use a 2 x 6 ridge beam. These 2 x 6 rafters have to be installed on 16 inch centers. To attach the rafters to their side walls, make birds mouth cuts on each wall. Make the rafters hang an extra foot outside the edge of the shed wall. A 2 x 8 rafter would be ideal as it will give a strong support and will also give adequate length of roof hang.

The shed can be covered with metal roofing. Nail the boards perpendicularly at 12 inch centers on the rafters. If your plan is to use shingles, then you can attach 3/4 inch treated sheets with roofing paper. Using cedar shingles along with the roofing paper can weaken the roof. So use two fascia boards on all the edges of the roof and cover using T-111 siding and trim boards of 1 x 4 dimension.

Final touches: To complete your potting shed, you need to find an attractive door. If you are going to purchase one, then make sure that the dimensions of the door fit properly with your shed wall. Otherwise, you can make your own door using plywood or metal sheet. This will add a creative touch to your shed and help you personalize it. You could also paint the door with attractive colors.

Making a Potting Shed – Strategies For Constructing A Wooden Shed In Your Garden

Making a Potting Shed - Strategies For Constructing A Wooden Shed In Your Garden