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Mark Yarnell has set the standard for all aspiring network marketers. Developing huge organisations in excess of 300,000 individuals and earning well over thirty million dollars in the process. When this man speaks it’s wise you listen and this is just what I so recently did. I must warn you though what Mark Yarnell divulged is raw and uncut and by no means for the faint hearted. This isn’t meant to be a happy inspirational write-up but instead the shocking details and secrets of what it truly takes to be profitable within the network marketing business.

Mark Yarnell was struggling financially as a preacher who’d just had his salary cut when he finally said yes to network marketing joining Nuskin. Having been approached with numerous opportunities before he had always been very sceptical nonetheless this time he had nothing else to fall back on. Upon joining he tracked upline till he discovered a mentor who was really making money and in his own words. “I just did what he told me!” He then worked his tail off for 11 months until he had reached $30,000 per month.

Mark Yarnell Drops A Bombshell!

At this point you may feel success lies in just duplicating what your upline does however this is what truly blew me away. Mark Yarnell claimed he was just lucky to have a fantastic mentor, be with the correct organization at the correct time and then just plain hard work. Nevertheless this is when he dropped the bomb shell that has forever changed my perspective on duplication. In his own words he stated “Duplication is crap! Duplication doesn’t work since it pre-supposes that the folks you bring onboard will be ready to and will want to copy your one size fits all technique. Which is just not the case.”

Mark Yarnell Concerning Duplication

His 1st four years in network marketing duplication was Mark Yarnells battle cry and in his own words he would have shouted it from the roof tops. That’s until he heard the popular Tom Big Al Schreiter speak. Big Al gave an example of how if you were to accidentally reverse into a BMW and then latter if you got talking with the owner right after exchanging business cards for insurance purposes. You sponsored them to your frontline. Would you then tell everybody within your team to reverse into BMW’s? The answer is of course a resounding NO!

Ever since that day Mark Yarnell has taught that it’s not about duplication at all. It’s instead about teaching other people to capitalise on their personal strong suites, their personal competencies and their own expertise. After all it appears the very ones that most push duplication are the very folks that would infact be the most challenging to duplicate anyway. For this reason it is important you’ve got numerous distinct methods your team can use to instantly start building their organization. So whenever you have a brand new distributor start you’ll be able to simply encourage them to decide on a method that most gells with their personality.

Mark Yarnell His own Network Marketing Equation

The final component of Mark Yarnells equation is basically hard work and doing the numbers. Network marketing after all is said and done is a numbers game pure and simple. Absolutely nothing at all new here folks. Nevertheless what might be new to you is the shear numbers of folks he recommends you speak to, 30 individuals each day five days a week. Whom you then drive to info about your opportunity or product. In his personal words. “It’s basically getting to men and women and saying.” “Hey I’ve found a way for men and women like us to make 20, 30, 40, 50, thousand a month grab a pen I’ll provide you with an internet site to checkout and then you can give me a call back if you’re interested.”

In case you approach 30 individuals a day it works out 600 individuals per month. Of these 600 worst case scenario 5% or 30 will either try your product or service or sign-up. Now of these 30 once again worst case scenario 29 will just evaporate or do absolutely nothing, which leaves you at the end of six months with 12 real power players. Sadly of these 12 a further 6 will quit and join other organizations. In Mark Yarnells personal words “network marketing is the only industry where individuals will quit after they reach $30,000 per month and join another company.”

Now it is impossible to make below $100,000 per month in most network marketing organizations should you have 6 genuine players on your team. However it is difficult to wake up in the morning and make your self get in touch with 30 people each day. This is why the very people who do this are the ones generating the massive cash in their organizations.

Mark Yarnell – The Shocking Truth About Duplication!

Mark Yarnell - The Shocking Truth About Duplication!