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Quite often I see new network marketers make a really fatal mistake of getting started with a short vision for their business.

Is your biggest problem right now coming up with money to pay your autoship? You’re scraping by because you started a USANA, Herbalife, or Melaleuca business broke as it was, and you thought you’ll be able to pay off your debts quickly. But a month in, the business is making you more broke than when you started out.

If you’re in that situation, then I hope you’ll benefit from this article because it’s going to be the difference between success and failure. What I found was that whether this business makes you rich or leaves you where you were is simply a matter of the length of your vision.

Being successful or rich is a mind-set. You don’t begin rich or successful–these are consequences of a certain sequence of actions. Every day we are all faced with hundreds of thousands of decisions, each in some way compounds to impact our result: rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful.

It’s the length of the vision that decides your outcome. Successful people are always in search of a long-term solution to potentially recurring or compounding problems. But poor people look for a temporary solution to solve a single immediate problem, no more, no less.

Imagine one rainy day your roof started leaking and water began to drip into your living room in just one spot.

Now the short-vision person sees a wet-carpet-problem so he dries it off with his wife’s blow-drier and puts a bucket to collect the dripping water: “There, now the carpet won’t get wet.”

Surprisingly, so many of these short-vision people never even question the reason for the problem in the first place. This is something I cannot understand.

As time wears on, so does the roof, and the short-vision person continues to patch-up the wet-carpet-problem with more buckets. Eventually, the entire roof caves in and the structure of the whole house is compromised as its wood is rotted all over.

If you’ve started this business and your goal was to make back your start-up cost in the first week, month, 3-months, or even year–SHORT VISION.

If you started out this business and said I want to earn X amount of dollars in any length of time–SHORT VISION.

If you started because you wanted to pay off your bills or debts–SHORT VISION.

It’s all patch-work. You started with a “try it out” attitude. You’re not doing yourself or your business justice. You’re looking for a temporary solution for the wrong problem! Paying off a certain debt, or making a fixed amount of money means you’ve limited yourself and your interest to solving the symptom, not the cause.

You’re thinking small-time.

If you have long-vision, you think ahead. You see that you have a leaky-roof-problem, not a wet-carpet-problem. You can’t afford to solve the leaky-roof problem later, you need to solve it quickly. I’m sure you observed the wet-carpet-problem too, and perhaps you decided to use a bucket for the time-being, but your focus was on the roof.

You hire someone to repair the roof immediately. If your vision is even longer, you’d learn to fix the roof yourself and leaky-roofs would never be an issue.

It’s that simple. Every problem you are faced with can be solved once simply and forever, or multiple times, increasingly hard forever.

People who succeed solve big generic problems. If you know how to make lots of recurring compounding money, then your autoship will never be an issue, your start-up cost is peanuts, and X amount of dollars in any amount of time is a piece of cake. Because you have the formula.

People with long-vision start their business broke, but they are so fueled by their desire to never have “broke” as a problem again that they learn the formula for money-making.

Now, they make money at will.

Do you want that power? Do you want to learn to make as much or as little money as you like at will? Or do you rather make a quick buck now and never again?

If you are in fact struggling to pay your autoship, and you think this is your problem, you’re focusing on the wet-carpet.

Chances are you’re over 18 and if a tiny autoship at your age is an issue, I think you need to revise what you’ve been doing with your life. You could put your autoship on hold or cancel your distributorship and solve your wet-carpet problem.

Or you can be fed up with being broke and use it to fuel you to find the solution to this broke-problem forever.

–Jim Yaghi

Network Marketing Success – Grab a Bucket For the Leaky Roof

Network Marketing Success - Grab a Bucket For the Leaky Roof