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Since Paslode came to the marketplace with their trademarked gas-fired nail guns they have reigned over the construction sites with these awesome power tools. Now they have taken what was a good idea and advanced it with the launch of the Paslode Framing Nail CF325.

This framing nail gun has all of the common advantages of that the previous IMTC model has, with such an easy set-up, user-friendly design, continuous nail delivery which will take on entire framing projects or perhaps the minor weekend chores.

By comparison the Paslode Framing Nail CF325 is much quicker, having a bigger rate of fire and possesses much more power compared to the IMTC. Paslode are actually listening to their customers and have made a number of sensible innovations on a nail gun that has been already an awesome performer.

The first thing that is certainly obvious is it seems much more comfortable, by using the brand new non-slip rubberized hand grip. Thus, cutting down hand fatigue, even for those all-day framing jobs which is a major benefit. The more intelligent stream-lined style helps the operator fit the gun in between 16″ on-center studs, joists, and roof trusses.

The second advantage and is a marked enhancement is the recovery time in between charges. This provides an opportunity to have more nails in to the timber. But, it will never be as rapid as a air-driven gun for really high- speed nailing pro’s. But in general this gun can deliver many nails in a little space of time. This provides nothing but greater work productivity with the bigger fire rate when you need it.

Driving nails into hardwood is enormously improved and overall performance is better with the CF325. This gun should fire in the order of 1200 nails per fuel cell. An easily taken out, rechargeable battery pack manages the nail guns power delivery which will offer you a high performance nail gun.

The revolutionary multi-angle nose point is another great new feature with minimizing gun slip on severe angles. The spikes on the tip grip to wood exceptionally well. Among the many wonderful features is you can literally apply much less pressure to the gun when nailing in awkward positions.

The tool-free depth of drive setting is still a great feature like the preceding IMTC nail gun. You won’t need a wrench or allen key to customize the height of the nails. This adds to your work output, reducing downtime.

The drastically improved heavy-duty rafter hook has been re-designed so it can actually be placed on a rafter apart from just dangling it off your tool belt or step ladder.

As with every Paslode’s cordless nail gun, the Paslode framer nailer CF325 has noticeably minimized downtime, you won’t need to invest a couple of hours organizing or pulling apart compressors and hoses. This can save both time as well as labor costs.

Similar to the IMCT nailer the CF325 will handle nail sizes between 2 to 3 1/4 inch. This makes it good nail gun for all varieties of lumber sizes and types of framing and into structural works

The battery charger provided with the gun needs around two hours to totally charge the battery pack which in turn provides you ample charge for around 4000 Nails. If you buy extra batteries (one comes with the gun) you can switch out for consistent nailing all day long if required.

This gun is up for the task with no matter what gets thrown at it on site. Compared to its air-driven relatives it can compete even with the high volume nailing jobs. Its portability, adaptability, and simplicity are a distinct winner with no hoses and compressors to contend with.

If you are looking for a nail gun that is going never let you down especially under pressure. Then the Paslode Framing Nailer C325 is the gun that you need by your side,

Paslode Framing Nailer CF325 – Faster, Better and More Efficient

Paslode Framing Nailer CF325 - Faster, Better and More Efficient