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A plasma enclosure provides a range of options for the digital signage use. The extensive choice of plasma enclosures allows an installer to employing plasma display screens in various types of settings. These are particularly developed so as to appeal to the customer. A plasma enclosure provides the superb protection factors for plasmas screens in all the tough, public and outdoor environments. Each section of a plasma enclosure is manufactured with both dust and waterproof properties by considering this allows users to install and deploy outdoor digital signage hardware almost in any location.

These enclosures are designed with the best manufacturing practices to ensure security from theft as well as the obvious protect from water, dirt and other dangerous hazards. Also they protection in any temperature zone from sub-zero to soaring heats of Texas when temperatures reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit. In these extreme areas an air conditioning unit is recommended which permits the screens to work efficiently without failure, so now placing outdoor digital signage in hostile areas is not a restriction.

Built from carbon steel or stainless steel with an obvious, secure polycarbonate display screen the plasma enclosure can either be roof, base or wall mounted and can appear in almost any finish. A sealed, lockable plasma enclosure provides the greatest solution in order to guard your plasma panel from robbery, damage and the hazards affected by any hard industrial environments when used for factory information systems. It can also survive higher temperatures.

Due to global warming, none of the summer months or even the winter can be pre-planned for any more; globally we are finding unanticipated climatic conditions, starting from huge floods and landslides to deep snow falls. Whilst any of the outdoor digital signage is deployed in areas thought hostile, the security provided by the plasma enclosure is better than having the same screen in the home, in a safe environment. One key reason is how efficient the cooling is of the housing, for that reason some of the plasma enclosure manufacturers provide their products as standard with the cooling and heating systems combined as a prerequisite, hence an integrator will have to set the temperature that they would wish for the cooling to begin working as well as the setting the heater stats if they need to begin heating.

Due to the units being made of steel, these are weather proof, preventing any water ingress even during a storm, the joints are fully welded and offer a strong and robust solution to protect the plasma screen and media player inside. There are also stainless steel housings that are perfect for sea and coastal deployments, due to the high salt content in the air, this will corrode any mild steel unit in weeks and will make the solution look untidy.

Plasma Enclosure – Deployed In All Types of Environments

Plasma Enclosure - Deployed In All Types of Environments