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Look at me!!! I am part of the masses… the facet of society many so often push around… Why can’t they ever stop to think… that, I am human too… that I, too, feel like them… Why can’t you answer me??? You must have something in mind… Why can’t you answer me??? I know you must have something in mind… Where is their sense of morality??? They trampled upon me as if I was trash… I never did them any wrong!!! Was it a sin I committed when I came to this world as a poor boy??? A poor boy… yes that’s what I am… A state of being I didn’t even choose at the first place. Was it a sin I committed, to be born like this?? Now tell me!!! Did you ever have the right to choose your status in life when you were born??? Think!!! Before you condemn me… Do I ever have a choice?

I am deprived of all the chances in life… I am looked down upon by people as someone who is too dirty… too smelly… too poor… but I have a heart… Yes!!! I have a golden heart… For every coin I get out of begging helps my younger siblings to survive. The money I earn goes a long way to feed my family… How about you??? How do you feed your family??? Are you 100% sure you work decent enough to earn more??? Are you sure that the money you earned didn’t come from a dirty strategy other corrupt politicians used to do to gain power? Can you honestly look at your child straight in the eye true to your heart’s core and with a clear conscience?? Have you ever been aware that the money you use to feed your family is an outcome of your hard labor and decent job you can always be proud of??? WHY DID YOU SUDDENLY BECOME QUIET??? WHAT IS IN YOUR MIND NOW?? Tell me!!! Come on, tell me!!!

Huh!!! You have good clothes, you never experienced sleeping without a roof, you eat good food, you enjoy the comforts of life… But, somewhere deep in your mind, your conscience haunts you… Yes… you will never sleep good… Within your subconscious mind, your guilty conscience still haunts you, constantly reminding you about your evil ways… Wow… And you still think you are clean???

Outside, you smell fresh and clean, but deep within your soul… I know you stink… Oh… I believe that kind of smell goes through your body… Yes your soul is bound to burn in hell!!! And look at me! I am just a poor boy… honestly begging for mercy from people like you, to feed my brothers and sisters… to survive, but I never stepped down on anyone. I never stole from anyone nor did I ever use anyone to improve our lives… I can sleep good… Can you??? With a kind conscience like that, well, I don’t think so. You will never sleep well… you don’t have any right to sleep with a sound mind and a light heart…

Poor Boy – a Declamation Piece

Poor Boy - a Declamation Piece