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When you are a victim of a hurricane, your home and especially your roof can suffer immense damage. When the hurricane has left, the wind and rain can still continue to ruin all of your life’s hard work and your things inside of your home. This is why it is highly important that you cover your roof with hurricane tarps without any delay. Most commonly a blue color, you will find that more damage on your home will be prevented when you use these tarps. With durable Polyethylene material and a substantial amount of grommets for you to secure the tarp, you can be confident that if the wind and rain returns, your home will be protected.

Not only do people use hurricane traps on their roof, but also to cover damage to their home. As well as inside of the home to protect furniture and any other types of personal effects. These tarps are very functional and are lightweight so that you can move it around easily. When you apply the tarp in an ample amount of time you will not risk the possibility of more damage as well as keep your house covered while you are waiting for repairs to be done.

Once you determine where the trouble areas are, you will then need to determine what size tarp you will need. You should always do a detailed search for broken tiles, lost shingles and small or large indentions and holes in your roof. Sizes are mostly commonly available in anything from a 10 by 18 to a 30 by 60 foot tarp. Once you buy your tarp you will then need some supplies to secure the tarp to your roof. You will need screws or nails, two by fours, protective glasses, drill or hammer, working gloves and a ladder. It is also best if you have someone to assist you. You will need to completely research all guidelines and details as to how to secure the tarp to your roof.

It is important that when securing hurricane tarps that you remain safe and do a complete job so that if the elements were to return, your house would not leak and continue to be ruined even more. If you do not know how to apply the tarps or have any questions at all, it is important that you immediately contact a professional before you begin any type of work on your home.

Prevent Substantial Damage With Hurricane Tarps

Prevent Substantial Damage With Hurricane Tarps