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There are quite a few things you must think about before you worry about the installation of solar panel or wind turbine systems. Building these things is not the problem. They are pretty easy and not complicated in the least to build. The main thing to think about really is your roof. There is more to it than just deciding to attach it to your roof.

The first thing you must look at is any overhanging branches. They can interfere with the effectiveness of both wind power and solar power systems. The main thing is the damage they would cause if they broke off in a wind storm.

Along the same lines there are near-by trees and buildings. For solar panels your roof will need direct sun and not trees shading it during the hottest part of the day. For wind, it has to be where you can get northerly and southerly winds. As long as there is one part of the roof that gets the sun or wind you are fine with the installation of solar panel system or wind turbines.

Safety is the next concern. The wind turbines are obvious, with the rotating blades, but you have to remember these things are electrical with wires attached to batteries and the home electric box. So you will have to figure out a way to isolate these things. Tragedy is not part of the renewable energy movement.

Number one is children, including teenagers. They cannot be climbing up on the roof to look at it, or think it is a toy. Adults can also be absent minded, and forget safety. Creatures are another concern. If there are a lot of birds, squirrels and other wildlife on your roof, you might have to think twice. It is harder to keep them away, as they do not understand electricity. At the same time, you need to be able to get to it yourself without jumping through hoops for routine maintenance.

The other major issue to look at is the placement. For instance a solar panel on some southern facing roofs can just be put flat on the roof. However, some roof angles do not work, so you would have to build a frame and prop it up to face south. If you live in an area with heavy winds, and you can’t place it in a way that can protect it, this could be a hindrance.

Weight is no longer an issue since the materials today are lightweight, so the roof of the average home will be able to handle it. You will have to consider where the best place to put the storage battery is, which should be as close as you can get to the household current.

If you are considering DIY renewable energy and have not thought of the roof before, it is a good thing to do when thinking before the installation of solar panel and wind turbine projects.

Problems With The Installation of Solar Panel Or Wind Turbine On A Roof

Problems With The Installation of Solar Panel Or Wind Turbine On A Roof