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Aside from the social aspect of the life of a pet rabbit, what two things can rabbit hutches contribute in making it a happy rabbit?

Much of the life of the pet rabbit revolves around the rabbit hutch in which you have decided to place it in to stay for most of the time. Necessarily, its dwelling place, the hutch contribute a major part of its life and happiness, which is coupled with your own personal effort to give it a healthy diet and give it clean water to drink.

Other things that you should do is giving you rabbit the necessary vaccination especially against myxomatosis virus which causes the skin of the face, the ears and anus to swell so that it becomes difficult for the rabbit to see, or eat or drink.

In addition to your efforts to socialize with it, give it toys to play with and most of all supervise it personally by you or have somebody else in the family to do it for you will definitely play a big part in the happiness of you pet rabbit.

The hutch is a safe haven for your pet

The rabbit hutch is high enough above the ground to prevent any would-be predators from being able to reach the pet inside the hutch. Even a hawk will not come down to the hutch because it is difficult for it to spot the rabbit since it is protected from its sight by the roof of the hatch.

In addition, because the hutch is usually placed under a shade and one that protects it from the direct rays of the sun and strong wind, life for a rabbit inside its hutch will be normal and practically undisturbed. Such protection can help the rabbit avoid illness. Usually a good roofing will be a key factor in achieving this condition.

If the hutch has a room where your pet can hide, either for sleeping and relaxation or when rain beats on the hutch or even at the sight of a dog or a fox for that matter, the rabbit will have less chances of panicking. Consequently, injuries are avoided like the breaking of its back when it runs wildly too and fro, or twists due to extreme fear.

A solid floor, that is, one with mat that will prevent your pet's nails from being broken or the feet being injured by the wire floor or developing painful sores will be a great place to stay for your pet rabbit.

Rabbit hutches built strongly, with its wire mesh which the rabbit cannot destroy by chewing, not only lasts long. More than that, it is an assurance that no matter what happens, whether beaten by weather or struck by the hot rays of the sun or attacked by any of the predators, your rabbit will be safe inside.

The hutch is a healthy haven for the rabbit

The hutch is itself a healthy haven, where the rabbit can stay free from the possible causes of diseases or illness.

A rabbit hutch that is always and can easily be kept clean will help keep diseases away from your pet. This however should not really be a problem if the rabbit has been litter trained, and so a litter box is provided and cleaned regularly. Cleaning the litter box regularly will help a lot in maintaining cleanliness inside the hutch.

A healthy hutch is one that has a combination of wire siding and a strong wooden or plastic siding. The wire side provide the proper ventilation that is needed by the rabbit, while the wooden or plastic siding will help to keep it warm.

In addition, if possible to keep it warm, especially during cold weather, you can place hay on the place where it sleeps or a blanket for it to lay down.

It is also one that provides adequate space for the rabbit to play or else, it may start looking for something to chew, anything it sees it can, or it can overeat. Playing with toys. Varying everyday can keep the rabbit from boredom and so avoid potential problems like obesity if it overeats

If the rabbit becomes obese, there is a possibility that because it cannot clean its bottom, flies may find there their place to lay eggs. When the eggs hatch into maggots, they start to eat the flesh of the bottom away. This will definitely lead to death if it is not detected early enough.

A safe and healthy hutch

Rabbit hutches with adequate space to play with toys, run around and are safe and healthy combined with your effort to make things for your pet as comfortable as possible, can give you much peace of mind. You know that your pet rabbit will be your nice and sociable companion for many days to come.

Rabbit Hutches – Safe and Healthy Havens For Your Pet Rabbits

Rabbit Hutches - Safe and Healthy Havens For Your Pet Rabbits