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In my many years of RV travels, I have often found that certain items make the experience even better, and I could not possibly live without these wonderful products.

Three of the most useful products I own are my hitch-ball finder, my roof guard, and my Rhino sewage hose.

The hitch-ball finder makes the process of backing up to hook up my trailer painless and fast. It lines up with my rear-view mirror so I can easily see the reflection of the ball in the finder, and I can back right up to the trailer without having to get in and out of my vehicle. When I’m done, it retracts for easy storage, too.

Another great item I use at least twice to three times a year is my rubber roof coating. The roof of almost any RV is very thin, and made of rubber, and it is usually prone to sun and wind damage over time. This coating prevents the damage, keeping the roof rubber from becoming brittle or cracking and peeling away. It’s especially useful around parts which stick up from the roof, such as air conditioner units and vents.

The last item I couldn’t live without is my Rhino sewer hose. There are lots of other sewer hoses on the market, but the Rhino hose is special. Most other hoses are very loose, flexible, and “slinky-like.” They are hard to keep in position while the waste travels through them. The Rhino hose, however, is sturdy and rigid, yet still can be shaped, flexed, and stretched to suit your particular needs. It will not flop or wiggle around while the sewage is passing through it. It also has a special cap available that prevents leakage during storage.

RV Accessories You Can’t Live Without

RV Accessories You Can't Live Without