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If you’re looking for all-American style, saltbox garage plans may be right up your alley. The saltbox style with its sloping gable roof and asymmetry has an interesting history. The saltbox style takes its name from the old saltboxes of colonial times, which were sloped, wooden boxes in which salt was kept for storage in homes. The style first appeared in New England, most likely in Concord, Massachusetts, in about 1600, but became more popular with Queen Anne’s taxation of houses that were more than one story in the early 1700s, since the back roof line descends to the height of a single story, no many how tall the building is. John Adams’ birthplace in Quincy, Massachusetts is a perfect example of this style in a home.

Saltbox garage plans are before for anyone who is interested in either the aesthetics of the style, or building a sloped apartment or storage unit above their garage. It’s an interesting design is sure to draw attention, and renters, and its simple design is ideal for someone looking for a quick fix without purchasing some ready-made nightmare.

Before purchasing or designing your saltbox garage plans, you should contact your local building control office, and familiarize yourself with what is allowed in your area and on your property. They can give you valuable information that will help you find plans that they are more likely to approve, therefore saving you time and money in the long run. They will also be able to inform you of the regulation, such as whether or not structural professionals like architects, electricians and plumbers are required in your area.

Saltbox garage plans are easily to find. They can be purchased in many home improvement stores, or online for a reasonable price. Usually they are available for $50 or less. However, before purchasing, make sure they meet the codes and regulations of your local agencies, and that the kits include everything you will need. Sometimes it is only the one blue plan, and it is likely that building control will tell you need much more than that. In addition, many times contractors will also need copies. You want to be sure you have enough before you start your project.

Finally, if you are adding an apartment to the upper story, you will want to search out the appropriate appliances for the sloping structure. In addition, remember to figure in paint, carpeting or flooring, and the small pieces that make a home a home, such as light switches and socket covers. It is better to overestimate than to find yourself over budget and out of money later. Keep in mind that the top story will be half the size of the bottom story, and make your purchases fittingly.

If you are using the upper story of your saltbox garage plans for storage, you may want to consider what type of items will be stored. Sensitive items may need a heat controlled environment. In addition, you will want to make sure that the structure is sound, to keep out pests, mold and mildew.

Saltbox Garage Plans

Saltbox Garage Plans