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It is important in any trade that you are well-informed about the best-available products and that you are able to offer these as standard for clients wishing for such alternatives. Home improvement projects are often well thought-out and are an expense that is not entered into lightly. For this reason it is important that any organisation is confidently able to offer superior products, finishes and customer care.

Active blue glass is an attractive alternative which offers a range of benefits and advantages in comparison to its competition. The below information is aimed to offer you a well-rounded understanding of the advantages of this type of glass so that should you consider it as an option that you will feel as though you are making a well-educated decision. You will not be blinded by science!

Advantage one takes into consideration the self-cleaning properties that this glass offers. Not only will this result in reduced need for manual cleaning it will also save water. The glass has a thin coating that uses the sun’s rays to break down organic dirt and loosen it from the surface of the glass. When rain flows, other properties then work to allow the rain water to remove the loosened grime. Both of these elements product a glass that will stay cleaner for much longer.

Advantage two considers the solar control properties of blue glass. Generally it offers medium performance solar control. This means that heat entering the building will be reduced producing a more ambient temperature within the space where active blue glass is fitted. This is particularly useful for conservatories and orangeries as it keeps the space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This combats one of the major challenges of this type of extension.

Advantage three is the attractive blue colouration of the glass which offers an enhanced aesthetic appeal. The building looks striking from the outside and it offers brilliant light transmission and lower exterior reflection. Each of these elements improve the look of the roof and set it apart from a standard glass roof.

Advantage four takes into consideration the different variations of blue glass. This glass can be toughened, bent, laminated and enamelled. This offers confirmation that this type of glass can be tailored to exacting requirements for different installations. Another element that further confirms this is the fact that it is available in a range of different thicknesses and sizes. The individual project can dictate the requirements that will inevitably produce a better finish.

Each of the above elements investigate the true advantages and benefits of both self-cleaning glass and active blue glass. It is likely that once you have been furnished with the above detail that you will be confident that this is a cutting edge glass type that will offer a superior finish to your home improvement project. Such a range of advantages are difficult to compete against and pay testament to the increasing demand for this glass style.

Self-Cleaning Glass – Four Advantages of Active Blue Glass

Self-Cleaning Glass - Four Advantages of Active Blue Glass