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What is the first thing you notice when you look at a home? Is it the beautiful gourmet kitchen or the oversized master bathroom? No, it is the way the house looks from the street. Is it a home that makes you want to stop and say hi, or do you just want to drive on by? When you are ready to sell your home curb appeal is where it is at!

Of course so many factors affect if a home will sell or not, but first impressions are big. If a potential buyer is questioning their decision before they even walk in the door a sale will be near impossible. So what can you do to make sure that they buyer falls in love with your home before they step in the door?

Landscaping – Too little or too much landscaping can be harmful to the curb appeal of a home. While a barren landscape may appeal to some buyers who would like to start with a clean slate, many buyers want to move in and play! However, keep the landscaping basically simple if you plan to sell. Good landscaping items are a sprinkling system, fencing, well defined and easy to maintain paths made of concrete or similar. Landscaping don’ts – large, overgrown shrubs close to the house, cracked steps or sidewalk, any overgrown or weedy areas.

For the best landscape appeal make sure the lawn is trimmed and green, bushes are trimmed and sidewalks are free of major cracks and debris.

Roof – a shabby looking roof is easy to spot, shingles are starting to curl and flake off. Since replacing a roof is a major expense a potential buyer would probably go running if they saw these signs. Have a reputable roofing contractor check the status of your roof and make any necessary repairs before listing your home. You don’t want to be forced to discount the price of your home because of a bad roof. The money you spend to fix it will be worth it in the end.

Windows – this is another one of those major selling points. Do you have quality windows and do they look good? If you can upgrade your windows it will be a boost your home’s market value. But if you can’t afford the expense of new windows, make sure the windows you have look good. Caulk leaks, paint trim and have them spotlessly clean before future buyers come to see your home.

Paint, paint, PAINT! Flaking paint around your front door or on porch railings are a real turn-off to potential buyers. Painting doors, trim, etc. is a minimal investment that will pay off. It is amazing how much a coat of paint can improve the appearance of anything!

The time and money you invest in improving your home’s curb appeal will pay off. You will have more potential buyers and will be more likely to get your asking price. A little work is all it takes!

Selling Your Home – It is All About Curb Appeal

Selling Your Home - It is All About Curb Appeal