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"Silence is golden …"

It is said that by studying the visible (physical) world once can appreciate the invisible (subtle) world. That is true of spoken and written language as well. By going beyond the obvious, it is possible to understand the deeper essence or the inner teachings.

As Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga puts it, truth has many different levels. The first level is the most base or literal interpretation. The intermediate level goes beyond the literal level. The higher level reveals the esoteric teaching associated with the phrase. The different levels of truth do not contradict one another, but the higher truth contains within itself the lower levels of truth, allowing each observer to experience the level of truth his / her level of development allows him to comprehend.

At its base or literal level, it may mean that silence is precious or as precious as gold. An intermediate level would mean that it is important to silently weigh your thoughts before they translate into words or actions. Many a times we react to situations without silently weighing their impact or consequences. So the emphasis on silence is conveyed by labeling it to be as precious as gold.

Lets try and examine this from an esoteric standpoint. Could this silence actually point to the practice of the "khechari mudra." In this mudra (described in yoga books), the tongue is curled and connected to the roof of the mouth. This state would literally and figuratively induce a state of silence. Connection of the tongue to the palette, according to Master Choa's teachings, not only improves the circulation of energy within the aura but it also improves one's spiritual connection with the Divine. Now clairvoyantly seen, this brings down spiritual energy in greater quantities. This spiritual energy when it comes in contact with the aura transforms into golden light. This gold is also symbolic of the halo seen around the heads of saints, rishis and yogis across cultures and traditions.

A regular practice of this mudra has a lot of benefits for the practitioner including improving energy levels, focus, concentration and receptivity among others. Students can practice this when they are attending classes to improve retention and understanding. Business men and managers can use this mudra to increase focus and improve energy levels of the brain to solve problems. Healers can use this mudra to increase healing power. Spiritual practitioners can use this mudra to deepen their meditation practice.

Silence Is Golden

Silence Is Golden