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Solar fans will reduce heat gain from the sun. Heat that is trapped in your attic causing you cooling loads to be significantly higher than they need to be; gained heat which results in and increased air conditioning load. Solar fans in your attic are inexpensive and will save you money in the form of wasted energy to cool something which you simply need to get out of your home, as well as improve your homes integrity through mold prevention.

Solar fans in an attic will reduce those sweltering degrees where summer temperatures can reach 160 degrees F. Ventilation cools lower-level rooms, reducing the need for air conditioning by up to 30% and extending the life of a shingled roof (or any roof for that matter). The benefits of a solar attic fan go far beyond the energy savings. You will protect your homes integrity with the mechanical ventilation of solar, resulting in a higher home value.

The solar fan pulls the heat right out of your attic. It’s so effective it can lower attic temperatures by as much as 50 degrees! Imagine how much energy it would take to reduce the heat in your home by 50 degrees. You’re the one who has been paying those high summer electrical bills, so I hardly need to fill you in on the cost.

A solar fan in your attic is helpful in reducing energy costs, and protecting roofing from mold and mildew due to humidification. One of the key things in home damage is mold and mildew, conversely, one of the secrets to prevention is air flow. Working as an architect it is amazing how many homes are damaged due to improper planning and construction methods, putting a tremendous amount of moisture in spaces where it will cause a lot of damage.

The main purpose of a solar fan is to reduce heat gain which occurs after the radiant heat from the sun is absorbed through the roof and radiates into the attic air space. Just as a hat on your head keeps you toasty warm, so can the space above your bedroom. You wouldn’t wear your hat in the middle of summer would you?

Solar fans rely on a small (typically 10- or 20-watt) solar panel to power a DC motor when the sun is shining. The great news is that you don’t even have to spend energy to power this fan. Ideally you want your fan to run during the daytime when temperatures are at their highest, which just so happens to be when the sun will be powering your little energy saving device.

The exceptional payback of using a solar fan in your attic will also ease the harmful effects of fossil fuel, carbon emitting, energy sucking devices which account for a majority of global warming and greenhouse gas effects. The first step in being able to reduce your own energy consumption is to do all you can in order to mitigate energy loss and gain. Solar attic fans will solve your problem by taking a step towards reducing the energy required to heat your home.

Solar fans in your attic may initially cost more than an electric attic fan, but the installation of electric fan and wiring closes the gap. A solar fan does not need any wiring or electricity to operate, resulting in a less expensive way to vent your attic space. The amount of electricity for a traditional fan may not seem like a large power load, but multiply this over the hours of a full day times 180 (assuming average cooling degree days) and you have a significant amount of power required to power the little guy.

If you are not currently using a solar fan in your attic you are missing out on free energy savings. Traditional methods of venting your attic space are not only inefficient, but could cause significant amounts of damage due to mold and mildew build up. With such an inexpensive device and plenty of sun available to power it, giving you a net zero cost and only savings, why wouldn’t you implement a solar attic fan and start saving today.

Solar Fans – An Inexpensive Way to Save Money and Energy

Solar Fans - An Inexpensive Way to Save Money and Energy