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It’s true: Steel buildings are the safest place for your livestock during a storm.

Many people have fallen prey to the traditional belief that a wooden barn or wooden garage is best when it comes to finding a place for your livestock to live. Sadly, this is a dangerous idea as wooden barns are terribly unsafe during inclement weather and times of high winds. Check out these reasons why Steel Buildings are a much safer choice for your animals during intense weather!

Steel is EXTREMELY efficient at deflecting intense sustained winds.

Many steel buildings and Steel Barn Kits have been rated for winds up to 140 to 150 MPH winds. Have you ever heard of a wooden structure being rated against winds that strong? Steel is rigid enough with enough inherent flexibility that it can hold its own against winds that strong.

Steel will not absorb water that is being pressed into it by high wind pressure.

What you may not realize is that wind is not the only destructive force in a tornado. Once the weather turns nuts rain often follows, and if your building is being nailed with a barrage of wind it can push the rain water into the pourous wood like sand through a sieve. To avoid this always choose rigid, unpourous steel buildings.

Steel is flexible.

Things break because they are unflexible. Think back to the last time you had a thin piece of rigid wood and you applied a lot of pressure to it. Did it bend in your hand, conforming to the pressures you put on it or did it snap? Steel is the obvious choice when you think about the pressures put on a building. It can bend just enough to flex itself into the wind, without breaking. Steel is the real rubberman of metal materials!

Steel will not rot following a potentially destructive storm

Wooden structures may, just may, survive a light storm. But if that wood has had stress fractures caused by the high wind and rain it becomes an intense home to mold and other destructive organic agents. Steel will not fracture and split like wood, and therefor it does not invite dangerous molds and degrading fungi that may be present in wet and messy outdoor situations. You will never experience catastrophic rot if you go with Metal Barns or Metal Garages.

Roof Safety.

Steel is strong and flexible, just enough to withstand the pressures of mother nature. Wood may be strong enough to withstand some storms, but thin tar shingles never will be strong enough to withstand the power of an intense storm. Would you rather take the chance on your thin tar paper roof keeping the heads of your cattle and poultry safe, or would you rather take the safer route and get a building with a solid steel roof that can deflect almost any attack and keep your animals safe and dry.

The last thing you need is your business destroyed in addition to the building containing it! It only makes sense to forgot the old-fashioned idea of housing your animals in a traditional wooden enclosure and make the switch to weather-safe, efficient, affordable steel buildings today!

Steel Buildings Are the Safest Place for Your Livestock During a Storm!

Steel Buildings Are the Safest Place for Your Livestock During a Storm!