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The Mk1 and Mk2 variant of the Mazda MX5 did not have a retractable hardtop roof like that of the new Mk3 MX5 Roadster. Instead a hardtop roof was an optional accessory that could be bought at the time of buying your car or at a later date. Either way the colour of the hardtop roof would be matched perfectly to the bodywork colour of your car. When the roof was clipped on and in place it looked like a fantastic little two-seater sports car.

The problem with the hardtop roof however is that it is not possible to remove it with one person and furthermore it does require quite a lot of storage space when off. If you don’t have a garage or garden this can become quite a problem. It is not really practical to keep removing and replacing the roof every time the sun comes out. You will find that most people that have a hardtop for their Mazda will decide in April or May that they should remove the roof and store it over the summer months. Come September/October time they would replace the roof for the winter months.

The sad fact is, is that the hardtop for you Mazda is most likely to become damaged when it’s off the car – either when you are moving it or when it is actually in storage. Damage that occurs to the hardtop in transit cannot really be prevented in any other way than just being very careful, but damage that occurs when the roof is in storage can be easily avoided.

The best thing that you can buy for your hardtop is a storage bag – at less than a tenth of the cost of the roof it’s self – and certainly considerably less than the cost of a re-spray, a purpose designed hardtop roof cover will save your roof from expensive damage. There are multiple roof bags available but the best ones feature hooks that allow the bag to be hung on the wall. This is better than just leaning your roof leant up against a wall for three reasons:

1. With the roof hooked on the wall there is no way that it can be easily knocked over.

2. No floor space is taken up when the roof is on the wall

3. And finally when the roof is in a purpose built bag no strain is being put on the roof in places where it shouldn’t be.

Of all these points the most important point is the fact that storing your roof in a bag will prevent scratches and scrapes occurring from passersby and equipment.

Storing Your MX5 Roof

Storing Your MX5 Roof