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With so many different styles of garage door to choose from it is important to know the “pros and cons” of each mechanism and its operation in order to make an informed choice.

If you are in the market for a new door, then your main choices are as follows:

Side hinged

Up and over


Sliding and


This article focuses on garage doors where a roller, just above the soffit of the entrance, is used to raise and lower the door. This mechanism has many advantages over its alternatives and it also uses a tried and tested method of operation.

How they work

Roller garage doors are typically formed from between 5 and 10 horizontal hinged sections that enable the door to bend or wrap around a cylinder. The cylinder turns in one direction to raise the door and in the other to lower it.

The opening and closing operation is smooth and simple and it can be manually or electrically operated.

The advantages of roller operation

1. The biggest advantage of a roller-door is space utilization.

    1.1 When open, the door is tidily stored around a cylinder in the roof space immediately above the door’s entrance. It does not project backwards into the garage, or slide around a side wall, and consequently it leaves any roof joists or areas close to side walls free to use for storage.
    1.2 Additionally, unlike an up-and-over door, it does not project forward or require operating (opening) space in front of the entrance. This means that the door can be opened or closed when a car or any other obstruction is parked within inches of the door face.

2. Roller doors have an impact free movement. This enhances the life of the door and its mechanism and it also makes them safer to use than other styles of door.

3. The roller mechanism is easy to operate and it can be manually opened or closed with a minimum physical effort and without the need to stretch or reach up or down. This makes them ideal for older people, smaller people, or women. They are also quick to operate in inclement conditions.

4. When considering the different garage door operating mechanisms it is the roller variety that best lends itself to electric operation and remote control. No modifications are required and most packages come with an option for motorization as standard.

5. Roller garage doors look good. They are considered to be the Rolls Royce of out-building doors and, aside from their smooth operation and ease of use, they are always finished to the highest standard. They also benefit from a sectional construction that makes it easy for their appearance to simulate a natural timber, or highly detailed finish.

6. All but the very cheapest roller doors are insulated making them ideal for garages that are used as workshops or for integral garages where heat loss from a house needs to be avoided.

The Advantages of a Roller Garage Door

The Advantages of a Roller Garage Door