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The Amish may have not been known for their production of log cabins, but some enterprising Amish brothers took to the challenge and starting making transportable log cabins that can be delivered anywhere in the USA, Canada and even to another country overseas if necessary. They have found a way to accomplish this feat.

They embarked upon the journey of making their first unit but only after consulting and learning as to what comprises the best log home. Then they put it together knowing that their first unit will be utilized by family and. they persisted in this unusual manner. When all was said and done, then costing and looking for less expensive methods without any sacrifice to quality.

I have worked with the Amish for over 5 years promoting and selling their hand crafted made in the USA furniture, furnishings and even buildings. And they always seem to amaze me as to what they can do and how they accomplish. Here I am with a lot of experience in business and manufacturing and we cost everything our and have control of costs at all times. But when they made the prototypes they did basically the opposite. They wanted the best way to build it and needed to know what was the best woods and proper seasoning with the best moisture content before even putting anything together.

The first major decision was to determine the best shape of the log, round or rectangular and what wood species. It was concluded that a heavy 4 x 6 white pine log be use. A heavy 4 x 6 means that the dimension of the lumber is greater than 4 inches by 6 inches after the saw cuts. Also, these logs are seasoned for a minimum of 3 months and more towards 6 months or more. All logs come from one mill to assure quality control. It is not enough that the log be seasoned, but must be turned on a scheduled basis for equal drying to prevent skewing or twisting. Also, a square log has less shifting or twisting or splitting than that of a round log. Now it may look a little bit better, but it is not the best for the long life of the cabin in a somewhat hostile environment where they are usually place for the ambiance.

The builders of this rectangular log home use a 10 inch stainless steel screws drilled with a pneumatic drill every 2 feet and more screws in the corner for every single log.. These are screw and not nails and the logs are now bonded together mechanically. I happened to be there one day when they were building a wall and watched them drive the screw into the logs. It takes two men to drive the screws. One resting while the other working and he had about enough energy for about 4 and needs a break and these are not dainty men. This is rough work.

The seams is then filled with gimp and will need some attention in the future, but nothing close to the amount of attention required with those homes using round logs because of their movement, twisting and splintering. These comments were impressed into me by a log home builder who initially built round logs and changed to the square logs. I received quite some lecturing on the merits of the different types of logs, wood species and the way our homes were put together and he borrowed a few of the ideas, which is fine, because he was g gentleman and asked.

Another major point is that there large beams in the house for support and one may look at it and consider it to be over built and it is. The cabins no matter what size is way over built.

The floors is an area that will last for a long time because the floors are what is called planks which is five quarters thick and also tongue and grooved. This translates to 1 ” thick and the planks are locked to each other through a tongue and groove system and fastened to the main structural beams for the flooring. This floor is built for an elephant polka party. No squeaks here.

The roof is made to last for 50 years or longer in the forest where there are some rather vicious animals. The roof is made of metal and that is why the roofs last for 50 years.

The rest of the home is made for your specifications. If you want Pella windows in a rustic pink, you can have that, if they can find it. If you want a loft, they are beautiful and the stairs are just marvelous or a ladder. Insulation is available and the entire home outside of the basic box and roof is for you to configure and make your own.

The best part of working with this marvelous group of Amish brothers is that they will do as much as you want them to do, or do as little as you want, just the box, roof, windows and their special and unique plank doors. These plank doors are the finest touch to these top of the line log homes.

I have found that these homes are not the most expensive nor are they the cheapest, but an excellent value for your investment.

As I stated earlier, you dictate the extent of what you want to have completed for your home. You can have a simple home with just a couple of windows and the plank door with electrical and plumbing ready for hookup or not even that to where you arrive, receive the keys and bring your luggage in and put it in your closet and dresser, have a seat on your new log Amish made log furniture with a refrigerator filled with food, milk and even a few steak ready for the new grill on the porch. It is all up to you.

These cabins come in many sizes from a 6 x 6 small cabin with a porch that is heated and lit by the Amish lighting system, with a possible small bathroom to a two story large log home with a loft with a marvelous staircase with porches all around. And these cabins are built to withstand the most inhospitable areas and will keep the bears and other animals out if you leave the door closed.

These are the finest log homes built today and I can send you information, because the Amish are not allowed to be on the internet.

The Best Log Home Is Built by Amish Brothers

The Best Log Home Is Built by Amish Brothers