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Yes, your headline is important… real important.

Same goes for the bullet points, those tasty morsels which – when done correctly – can force a sale on their own.

And of course, your sales letter wouldn’t persuade a soul if it didn’t have an iota of proof. But…

In this copywriter’s mind, if there’s one feature of a sales letter that draws the reader in and pulls them through the copy… it’s the story.

I don’t mean start your sales letter with a “Once upon a time…” but instead you need to weave a thrilling story in there.

It could be about how you came across the product you’re selling and how it turned your life around.

Or it can be an analogy or metaphor that tells the story of what the product will do for the prospect in a more subtle way.

Main thing is… the story has to be full of incident and cliffhangers.

The more someone reads your sales letter, the more likely they are to buy so… use the power of story to pull them through the message. If you do this right, it’s like a magnetic force compels them to read on. Nothing else matters until they find out what happens at the end of the tale.

And if you can achieve that… you’ll make a sale.

Keep the story moving, split it up into sections around the more direct sales copy. Use sentences like “I’ll tell you what happened in a moment. First, here’s how this blue widget works…”

It’s fine to be direct and sell, sell, sell throughout the letter but adding story along with metaphors and analogies raises your copy to the next level.

It makes the reader forget he’s being sold to, he gets to use his imagination and then becomes more susceptible to the part of the letter where you begin to sell.

Add story to your letters and watch the response go through the roof!

The ‘Secret Sauce’ to Creating Killer Copy Time After Time

The 'Secret Sauce' to Creating Killer Copy Time After Time