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The Mustang II is considered by most Mustang enthusiasts as the worst of the line. By 1974, pollution controls and gas mileage concerns were destroying the previous generation of classic hot rods. Horsepower was becoming a thing of the past, and the Mustang was brought to a lowly state in order to survive this difficult time. The Mustang II incorporated two body styles featuring a two door hard top, and a pinto-like hatch back. There were no convertibles available that year.

The car had two available engines: a 4 cylinder engine with only 88 horsepower, and a German-built 171 ci 2.8L V-6 rated at 105 hp. In 1975, Ford reintroduced the 302 cubic inch small block eight to the Mustang II, but with only 122 horsepower. Compare that to the 2005 model that gets up to 300 hp.

The Mustang II was smaller than the 1960’s version, but weighing in at 3,000 pounds and getting a meager 88 hp meant a very sluggish ride. Thankfully, the very popular 2005 Mustang as stated earlier has a lot more power.

The Mustang Ghia was Ford’s luxury Mustang that included deluxe seatbelts, digital quartz clock, vinyl seats and door trim, door courtesy lights, rear ashtray, outside remote control mirrors, parking brake boot, pin stripes, and a vinyl roof. Why anyone considered a vinyl roof a luxury is unknown to this day. Maintenance for a vinyl top can be a pain as anyone who has owned one will attest.

The 1970’s were a terrible time indeed for Mustangs, but the 1980’s would see more of a return to performance. Today’s model of Mustang is not only the most popular sports car on the market, it does the original Mustang good with it’s 300 hp, and awesome looks.

The Worst Years of the Mustang

The Worst Years of the Mustang