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Roofs are one of the most important components of our homes. They safeguard us from the elements of the world and ensure that we are protected at all times. Cleaning the roofs is of utmost importance for healthy living. Also, extreme weather can bring along debris and dust which needs to be cleaned.

Using pressure washers can be a great idea for any types of roof cleaning, including the shingles. Pressure washers generate an enormous amount of pressure of about 2500 pounds per square inch and they can wipe off any algae, leeches or moss gathered on the roof. However, before you use them, it is better to check its impact on a small area to see if the pressure is causing any damage. Always apply the tip of the washer downwards and not upwards as that can cause enormous damage to your roof and create leaks. As such it is highly recommended that the cleaning be done by professional hands.

Alternatively you can use a scrub brush and a garden hose to remove any dirt, dust or algae. However this is considerably more difficult and takes a huge toll to do everything on your own. First use a bristled broom to remove any dry leaves, particles or other debris that can clog up your drains when the water and other solutions are used.

Next soak the entire roof with water and then again using a brush clean the roof properly. After draining the water if you feel that is not enough you can use soap water or a tri-sodium based cleaning agent that will remove any stains or algae or leeches that are stubborn.

After having applied the soap water or the tri-sodium based cleaning agent again scrub the roof using a brush and then apply water to wash away the loose dirt and algae. Rinse the roof and allow it to dry out.

If you have used roof laying company during the construction of your home, they may offer you a guarantee and maintenance for a period of time. You can seek help from them if you are still under the guarantee period. It is important to mention here that using professional cleaners to do the job is a good idea but they sometimes use very heavy powered machines which can damage the construction. Thus from one angle doing everything on your own can be a better idea provided you have the tools and the mindset and even the energy to carry on the task on your own.

Tips for Cleaning the Roof

Tips for Cleaning the Roof