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Skylights are windows built into the roofs of houses or buildings. Their main purpose is to allow natural sunlight into the room. They are also a great source of passive heating for the room. The fact that they add to the look and feel of the room also works in their favor.

Skylights may be of different shapes, sizes, designs and styles.

Curb mount skylights are by far the most popular types of skylights used in homes. The term is self explanatory. The curb mount is simply a box made of wood that is built a little above the roof and sealed into the roof to become a part of the roof. The skylight is attached to the curb from the outside. This is in contrast to deck mounted skylights that are attached directly on the bare roof.

Curb mount skylights are excellent for most old homes where there are no skylights in the first place. This is because they work nicely as replacements. They are available in different sizes and may be fixed on holes of different sizes. Another advantage of curb mounts is that they have greater glass area (open area) when compared to the deck mounts.

One of the reasons for the popularity of curb mount skylights is that they are easy to install and therefore quick to come on. In fact, mounting the curb is very much like fitting the cap on a bottle.

Curb mount skylights are available in a number of colors. In some cases, you can even purchase these skylights with copper cladding. A large number of accessories are available with curb mounts. For instance, you can have a skylight pole or an adapter that replaces the standard crank handle. It also allows motorized venting too. Even if you have more than one curb mount in the house, you need a single remote to operate them all. These units are available with rain sensors. So, in case of moisture the vents close automatically, thus disallowing water from falling into the house.

Curb vents have a good chimney effect on the room. They help throw out warm air, vapors and odors. Built in thermostats help maintain a desired temperature within the room. Further, these vents may even be fitted with the technology to keep rooms safe, thus allowing owners to enjoy heightened security and peace of mind.

In the past, skylights were a regular feature of corporate buildings and institutions. These days, however, they are beginning to appear regularly in homes, both big and small. And why not? They look good, help with heating, provide lots of natural light and create an illusion of space. But, to get maximum benefit from skylights, it is important to understand the type of skylight that suits your house the most.

What Are Curb Mount Skylights?

What Are Curb Mount Skylights?