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When choosing what kind of patio roofing is best for your outside oasis it is first crucial to determine what purpose your patio is going to fulfill. What level of protection from the sun or elements are you looking for? With the many different styles which one would you like as an addition to your patio oasis? There is the traditional basic wood roof, a fiberglass material, or pergola.

An important key in choosing a patio roof is whether you want it open or closed? If you’re building a patio roof in Seattle, I’m sure it would be more beneficial to have a patio with a closed roof so it is still able to be enjoyed in the rain. Whereas building a patio roof in Phoenix, you could enjoy an open roof patio. Deciding and building around what would suit you is crucial in the enjoyment you will get out of spending time on your patio.

If you’re looking to have just beams of wood to help create the boundaries of your patio, this is a winner for you. Although it isn’t weather resistant, you can place plywood sheeting that is weather resistant on top to make it able to be enjoyed even in the rain. It’s crucial then to have it slope to the shape so that rain and snow can slide off it instead of creating a puddle at the top.

Using a translucent material that is made of fiberglass is one of the popular ways of adding a roof to your patio. It allows sunlight to still get in, but it keeps out the heat from the rays and the weather conditions. It is a lightweight, but strong material that can come in different colors that can add a little something more to your decor.

Another kind of roofing is a Pergola. It’s easy to construct because it is an open topped patio that just uses beams and rafters. It does not protect you from rain or snow, but it does offer some sun protection. The planks can be given a little bit of an edge or character with a skill saw by butting them with a pattern or a curvy movement to them.

No matter the patio roofing that you choose, make sure that it is one you like. By choosing the right materials, the proper look can be developed and the patio area protected. In all likelihood, the new and improved patio will end up being the most popular area in the house.

What Are The Different Options For Patio Roofing?

What Are The Different Options For Patio Roofing?