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How to avoid premature ejaculation is a question often asked by men who suffer from their inability to last long enough to satisfy their sex partner. For men, there is probably nothing can be more embarrassing than not being able to provide sexual satisfaction to their female partner.

Putting aside your frustrations, here’s the good news. Despite what many believe, early ejaculation is not a sexual disease that cannot be cured if just you know how to deal with it. Should you know how ejaculatory system works and how to control its various triggers, you can be in control of your ejaculation and last as long as you want.

There are many natural techniques in the market which you can learn and practice from home to cure premature ejaculation permanently. Applying them correctly, these techniques can solve your premature ejaculation problem once and for all.

On the other hand, if you are looking for some instant solution to amaze your woman tonight, check out these 3 instant techniques to prevent premature ejaculation and to enable you to last longer.

Technique #1 – Breathing in the Right Way

The correct breathing pattern holds the key to the question of how to avoid premature ejaculation as it helps to relax your mind and your body which ultimately helps you in delaying ejaculation.

To achieve the body and mind relaxation through a proper breathing technique, what you do is this –

a) breathe in for ten seconds;

b) then hold your breath for 2 seconds; and

c) finally breath out for another ten seconds.

Repeat the above for 2 to 3 minutes. It will help to keep your mind and body relax naturally. When your body and mind is in a relaxed state, it is easy for you to control your ejaculation.

Technique #2 – Pressing Your Tongue Against The Roof of Your Mouth

You may not have heard of this technique but it works like magic and very easy to do. When you feel that you are nearing climax, just press the tip of your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth and move your tongue in a circular motion. By doing this, your arousal may be kept under control and that will help in delaying ejaculation. You need not understand how it works, it is sufficient to just know that it works!

Technique #3 – A Powerful Woman-Missionary Position

To know how to avoid premature ejaculation, you must know that there are sexual positions that will cause an early ejaculation, and there are those that work very well in preventing premature ejaculation.

Many may not know that a man’s missionary (i.e. with the man on the top of the woman) position actually expedites ejaculation. On the contrary, having the woman on the top (woman-missionary) has been proven to be very helpful in preventing premature ejaculation. This position works simply because it allows you the time and space to focus on controlling your ejaculation. Let the woman does the thing herself and to be in full control the sex making process. If during the sex making process, you feel that ejaculation is nearing, what you can do is gently pulling your woman towards you. This will keep your arousal level in check and helps to stop any ejaculation.

The above are the 3 emergency techniques which you can apply to put an instant stop to any imminent ejaculation. I hope you are happy to learn the ways of how to avoid premature ejaculation the very fast and effective way. Apply them tonight and experience the long lasting moment for tonight itself!

Wondering How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation? Try These 3 Magical Techniques For Immediate Result!

Wondering How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation? Try These 3 Magical Techniques For Immediate Result!