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When it comes to make a backyard or a garden shed there are many choices to be made. For most people, the word “Shed” is typically reminiscent of a rusty old barn filled with hay in some country farm. There is indeed more to a shed than that! In fact there are many types of sheds that you can choose from and SaltBox Shed is one of them.

A SaltBox Shed is a kind of a shed which has an uneven roof; that is one side of the roof is greater in area than the other. Sheds are typically available in four types based on the kind of roof they have, this includes Gable Sheds, Gambrel Sheds, Lean Sheds and Salt Box Sheds. While the first two of these (that is Gable and Gambrel) are ideally suited for large sized wooden sheds, the last two however are the best you can get if you want a small and convenient shed in your backyard.

A SaltBox Shed thus is typically suited for small storage requirements, or if you have a small sized backyard or garden. Apart from the functional utility that is provided by a SaltBox Shed, the distinct style it is made in can also give your backyard a unique look. Suffice to say that these sheds look good!

Making a SaltBox Shed is easy. You can either get a ready to assemble shed from the market or you can make the shed yourself. Now making the shed yourself really is not as scary as it sounds. All you will be needing is a good set of SaltBox Shed Plans a weekend and the required Tools and Materials and you should do just fine.

Finding the saltbox shed plans is not that hard, in fact you can find fantastic plans on the internet itself, or if you are the net savvy type then you can just check out your own local home improvement store. Before you can get started though be sure to check with your local authorities with regards to building in your area. Many localities require you to take prior consent before you can carry out any exterior construction. Also do be mindful of your neighbors you do not want all the hammering and chiseling to disturb them; a shed is best constructed away from any other houses within the vicinity so that the house is not made devoid of air and sunshine, if you can then, have your neighbor’s say in what you are doing.

Wooden Shed Plans – Making a SaltBox Shed in Your Garden Or Backyard

Wooden Shed Plans - Making a SaltBox Shed in Your Garden Or Backyard