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Wooden storage sheds can be a great addition to add to any backyard. Wooden sheds not only add to the beauty and the surrounding environment but they also have the flexibility to be added onto when desired. Wooden storage sheds can also be designed, decorated, and painted to match the structural design and colors of your home.

Metal and vinyl sheds can be used as a substitute for wood if preferred, however wooden storage sheds are more durable and easier to work with. Despite their durability, wooden sheds can be customized to meet the needs, wants, and desires of the home owner. For example, you can quickly add shelving, windows, salt-boxes, potting benches, and accessories. Wood can also be replaced faster than metal as it ages.

Wood has an unbelievable strength that will endure a life time if quality materials are used and if it is maintained consistently over the years. Wood should be treated for termites, water rot, and sun damage as needed of course, nevertheless wood storage sheds are exceptionally durable and they can withstand nearly any kind of stormy weather.

The best wood materials to use for outside weather conditions are redwood, cedar, or pressure treated lumber. You can even use ash wood but it is more difficult to find. Redwood and cedar are a little more expensive than pressure treated wood but they are easier to maintain and even more resistant to outdoor weather conditions.

Timber should be weather-proofed and sealed at least once a year. When wooden storage sheds are treated and sealed properly with a weatherproof coating they are more resistant to sun, water, and moisture damage. Wooden sheds should be repainted or stained at least once every two to three years minimum.

Metal sheds tend to rust overtime, and vinyl sheds tend to crack and become brittle. Therefore wooden storage sheds are the most effective material to use because it can be easily replaced without distorting the look of the shed.

There are many different types of sheds and shed designs to choose from today. However, a wooden storage shed has many benefits and the choice of styles and designs increase dramatically with the use of wood.

Locals love the beauty and the additional space of a well designed shed. Customized wooden storage sheds can enhance the elegance of your backyard. You can add accessories and outside lanterns to light up your shed at night as well. A beautifully built shed can also increase the value of your property.

Once you have found the style and design of your dreams, take some time to plan out the building process. Understand what city requirements, permits and zoning specifications need to be taken care of first. Next, work with a contractor to prepare the foundation of the ground, build the base of the shed, then the walls, and finally the roof.

The roof should also be maintained over the years. Once you have finished building your wooden storage shed, start working on landscaping around it to bring out the radiance of your shed. Proper water drainage should also be considered to keep the water and moisture away from the base of the shed.

With a good set of blue prints, the right tools, and some assistance you can build the shed of your dreams. You may even find your neighbors and friends wanting to hang out for some backyard conversations more often.

Wooden Storage Sheds – Enhance the Elegance of Your Backyard

Wooden Storage Sheds - Enhance the Elegance of Your Backyard