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In the world of new solar panels design, the traditional chemical techniques are due for a change. Solar manufacturers and chip makers have traditionally employed nitrogen triflouride to apply chemical layers in special chemical vapor chambers.

Saying that nitrogen triflouride is a harmful chemical is an understatement. Although the special chambers used are technically vacuum types, some gases are going to escape. Changing (NT) up with fluorine will lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

Some companies have changed over to fluorine control systems for some of their solar panel lines. These new solar panels design companies also claim that fluorine reduces processing and cleaning time. The important thing is that these procedures reduce emissions while influencing the down ward cost of the panels.

There have been a few brow raising announcements in factory chemistry. A known company started selling a silicone encapsulates for solar panels that it says speeds up the factory throughout (cutting panel costs) and protects panels better than normally used encapsulates

Some companies have also taken out some of the weight from their solar panels by swapping out glass for a flexible film. A San Jose, based company is targeting the commercial and industrial flat-roof market with applications that favor a lightweight, non-penetrating flexible solar snake. The Solo Power panel can be rolled up and walked on.” Woof”

At least one company is shipping panels with 6 percent to 6.6 percent efficiency. The panels make use of a layer of amorphous silicon to convert sunlight into electricity. Shortly the plans are to start making panels with two layers of amorphous silicon, and their CEO expects the efficiency to register around 7 percent to 7.8 percent.

Slow but sure, solar manufacturing companies are dragging themselves out (excuse the pun) of the dark age of using outdated chemicals, and manufacturing processes systems. They are doing this by investing in new technological research programs so they can not only improve the methods of production but the product as well.

You are the reason they’re doing this when you decided the new solar panels design was the perfect compliment to your home built wind generator system, and then invested in solar power. Purchasing and installing those new solar panels, whereby increasing your independence from the grid,

Your purchases did a lot more than just freeing you from that monthly bill, Profit from the sales of solar panels encourages alternate energy companies to invest in all forms of solar panel research,While bolstering the companies confidence in future expansion and sales as well.

This goes to show you that not all companies are setting on their hands, using quid pro quo methods to produce get by solar products, so they can charge high prices and still act like they’re doing you a favor.

There are some companies out there that are putting it on the line, the innovation of the product line, proves there hard at work. The solar products coming out of these companies stand heads and shoulders above the rest of the solar fly by nights.

Gerald Moran

World of Solar Panels

World of Solar Panels