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If you're looking for a roof box for a Sedan, the Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box offers an impressive storage space where you can comfortably fit your luggage. The roof box offers 15 cubic feet of storage space, is wider and shorter to accommodate lower profile cars with much ease. Manufactured by Yakima, the roof box represents a stride in manufacturing technology and an understanding of human needs. It is available in all leading stores all across the globe.

Features of the Yakima RocketBox 15s: To achieve its functionality and purpose, the Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box has a number of features which include:

It comes with an aerodynamic box which attaches to the top rack ensuring that your car's interior are under control of the pilot and crew.

The cargo box made from approximately 80% recycled ABS plastic. To enable easy loading, it comes with levered arms which support the side-opening lid.

Flat bottom which offers a dynamic option when it comes to fitting both tapered and broad crossbar spreads.

The Yakima RocketBox 15s is not only compatible with both round and square bars but also with most factory OEM racks.

Its curbside opening comes with two (2) latch points for improved security.

To curb theft, the Rooftop Cargo Box cannot be removed if the lid is not open.

Its rapid-fire installation is both quick and easy though all the adjustments and tightening are done from the inside of the box.

It has an SKS combination lock core incorporated for enhanced safety and security of your luggage.

Customer Reviews of the Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box
From the various reviews, it is a fact that most customers love and adore this Rooftop Cargo Box. With incredible features, benefits and advantages, short roof car owners can be able to relate with it much easily. There are immense positive sentiments on its' relatively light weight, the fact that it's spacious, ease of installation and its friendly price. No matter the type of weather, you're traveling in, you can always be assured that your luggage is well tucked in.

Benefits of the Product

The Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box offers a wide range of benefits including its 15 cubic feet storage space; has an extra-wide design which is specifically meant for sedans (cars with shorter roofs); the rooftop box is highly compatible with either round, square or other factory crossbars; its quick installation and SKS locks and also has a life time warranty for extra protection.

It's Pros / Advantages

It's easy to install

Offers a perfect fit

Highly durable

Has a huge storage capacity

Can help reduce your mileage significantly.

Its waterproof-Regardless of the weather, you're good to go.

Noise free.


Most of the customer reviews and feedbacks notify that the Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box is indeed a top quality item that all travelers need to invest in. With its excellent price, benefits and pros, the rooftop box is a worthy buy. Take advantage of some of the deals offered on it to save some money. We recommended that you get one today and join numerous satisfied clients out there.

Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box

Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box