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Whether, you are shopping, for a potential, new home, or, focused on the best, most needed areas, to pay attention to, regarding taking care of your existing one, it generally makes sense, to begin your quest, with evaluating various factors, etc, regarding, your roof! Your roof is far more than, merely, something, that covers your house, but, rather, is relevant to many other major areas, wise homeowners, realize, are needed, and necessary. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 key things, to pay keen attention to, from the onset.

1. Leak – free: In most, if not all states, it is a requirement, for transferring/ selling a house, to a new owner, to have a leak – free, roof. It’s important to inspect (or have a professional home inspector, or engineer), to examine, not only, that it isn’t presently leaking, but, the overall condition, age, number of layers, etc. In addition, it should be indicative of how well the previous owner, took care of his overall property, whether he properly maintained his roof. When you own a house, check, twice a year, to ensure, any potential issues, are addressed, when they are still minor challenges!

2. Gutters cleaned: One, should, either invest in a quality, time – tested, system, to keep debris, such as leaves, and other items, free from your gutters, or, be ready, willing, and able, to check these twice, a year, and clean them, thoroughly. When these back – up, because they are clogged, congested, and/ or, obstructed, one risks, excess stresses, and strains, which, potentially, will cause a degree of structural damage, etc.

3. Leaders – cleaned, and directed: Consider leaders and gutters, as part of an overall roofing system, which optimizes the roof’s performance, lifetime, and endurance. The leaders and gutters, must be thoroughly cleaned, and free of any obstructions, and the water, from these, must be properly directed away, from the house, to ensure, unwanted water damage, does not occur, in the basement, foundation, etc.

4. Inspect roofing regularly: On a regular base, one should inspect the condition of the entire roofing system, including not only, the roof, itself, but all the leaders and gutters, etc. An ounce of prevention will save unwanted ramifications, etc.

5. 2 times per year: Inspections should be performed twice per year, preferably, a month before winter (November), and in early Spring (April). During this process, necessary maintenance should be performed, effectively.

Since, for most people, the value of their house, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to protect your investment? Be a wise homeowner, and you’ll enjoy, home ownership, far more!

5 Things, To Pay Attention To, Regarding Your Roof