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The Gutter Glove Pro leaf guard system is the #1 rated leaf screen system available on the market today. This rating was given by Consumer Reports, arguably the most reliable product rating service out there. The first thing you notice when holding it is the very rigid construction, it is made of extremely sturdy cast aluminum. The product also has a surgical screen with a type of micro mesh attached over the aluminum frame. This mesh has holes that are so small that you can barely distinguish the individual holes from each other. The openings are so small that even the smallest roofing gravel will have a hard time passing through it. You can rest assured that whatever does wash through will easily be carried down through your downspouts and has little or no chance of causing a blockage in your rain gutter system.

However, Consumer reports don’t go into detail about the the price and difficulty of installing such a heavy-duty leaf screen. The price for a consumer who wants to purchase the screens directly from Gutter Glove will pay a staggering base price of $9.00 per linear foot for the screen, which does not include shipping or any of the many accessories that are required to install. In between each piece of screen is what they call a finger, which effectively eliminates any gaps between screens and helps the system stay closed. These fingers are pricey considering you need one between every piece of screen. The Gutter Glove system also requires specialized end caps which are required on your Gutters to keep small animals such as birds and squirrels from nesting in your Gutter System. These end caps cost consumers close to $20.00 each.

If the price itself is not discouraging enough for the consumer who is wanting to DIY, the difficult installation instructions will certainly make you think twice before taking on such a project. Any decent pair of metal shears (scissors) will cut most standard leaf screen systems but this is not the case with the Gutter Glove system. Due to the cast aluminum construction of Gutter Glove Pro you will need a heavy-duty pair of metal shears or more likely a table saw with a high quality blade designed to cut metal. Always remember to wear safety goggles or glasses anytime you are working with power tools and especially when you are cutting metal or wood! It is also important to secure the fingers and fit the gutter glove screens tight against the the Gutter Glove inside miters. Improper installation of any part of the Gutter Glove system will compromise all adjacent and connecting parts of your rain gutters.

When all of these factors are considered I would not recommend Gutter Glove Pro to be installed by an amateur. In fact there are many professionals that will be unable or unwilling to install this leaf screen system for you. Make sure you choose a rain gutter company that has been in business for a while and be patient with them as they work through the various problems they are likely to encounter during an install. To have these installed on your rain gutters expect to pay between $16.00-$26.00 dollars per linear foot. These are a very pricey option but keep in mind that once installed correctly, these leaf guards have the lowest maintenance of any leaf screen on the market and the longest expected life. You can expect a properly installed Gutter Glove system to last well over 10 years with proper maintenance!

Gutter Glove Pro Leaf Guard System Reviewed!