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Everyone simply wish that their roofs can last forever. However everything is doomed to end. This applies to your roof shingles as well. The lifespan of roof shingles depends on the materials used. Each shingle has different lifespan. The trick here is to know the warranty duration of the roof direct from the manufacturers.

If the warranty says 15 years then you should observe wear and tear around that time. The best way to maintain your roof shingles is to simply have it checked every two years or so by the local roofer and have shingle repair each time.

Signs that your Roof Needs Shingle Replacement

* Cracks, curls, loose attachments and missing shingles

* Water stains on the ceilings

* Excessive loss of shingle granules. You may check this by looking at the area where the rain gutter spill the water, if there are excessive amount of granules then you need a shingle replacement.

* Propped or loose nails

* Light shining from the exterior

* Stained insulation

* Dark spots and trails

When you begin to see these signs you should immediately call a roofing contractor. They will be able to tell whether you need shingle repair or a replacement. Prolonging the damage will only result to extensive roof repair.

Factors that causes roof shingle damages

Since the roof shingles is exposed to extreme weather changes, they are prone to damages. One of the major causes of shingle damages is the freeze and thaw cycle that happens during the winter season. As the snow melts during daytime, the water runs down the roof. The water is then frozen during cold nights and then melts down again the next day.

The most damages may appear on the valleys and the low points of the roof. Aside from this, termites, ultraviolet rays produced by the sun, moss and algae, high wind that could lift up the shingles as well as tree branches that shade the roof that results to damp causes damages to the roof.

Tips on How to Save on Roof Repair and Replacement

Pre-qualify the roofing contractors

Doing a background check, will give you an idea about the contractor’s capabilities. It is best that you ask your neighbors or relatives for recommendation. However you may also do all these online. Simply look for a website that posts feedbacks about contractors in your area.

Use composite shingles

This type is the best choice among all roof shingle materials. For one reason they are economical yet are of extremely high quality. These are usually made from asphalts, which is why they are easy to install, easy to shape and easy on the budget. It is durable and could last for more than twenty five years with low maintenance.

Let the contractors know that you are looking at other options

If you tell the roofing contractors that they have competition, they will be more challenge to give you the best price they can. They might be wondering how much the other contractor has told you and so they will be relatively honest about the pricing. You may want to tell them how much your budget is and let them figure out a way to give you a deal around that budget. Of course, you should never compromise the quality with the price. So if you think that your budget leads you nowhere near what you aim for then consider allotting more money on it. After all, your roof is one of the most important parts of your house.

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